Do I need a topper for my box spring bed?

The topper mattress or comfort topper – in short: the topper – is placed on top of the box spring bed mattress as a third spring layer. This has been a tradition in Scandinavia for a long time, which is why a box spring bed with a topper is also called a „Scandinavian box spring bed“. But what is the function of the topper for the box spring bed – and do we really need it?

What advantages does the topper offer?

  • Sleeping comfort: A topper makes the box spring bed even more comfortable and lets you sink comfortably into your bed, depending on your preference and the upholstery.
  • Entry height: Depending on the model, the topper increases the height of your box spring bed by several centimetres – for an even more comfortable entry height.
  • Protection and hygiene: The topper is gentle on and protects the box spring bed mattress and prevents mites from settling there. The covers of our comfort toppers are washable at 60 °C – the topper can also be dry-cleaned, preferably via our laundry service.
  • Continuous lying surface: On two individual box spring beds, a topper of the appropriate size can create a continuous lying surface.
  • Design: If you use a topper for the box spring bed, only the topper comes into contact with the sleeper – so you can concentrate entirely on the design when covering the box spring bed mattress.

What effect does a topper for the box spring bed have on the lying comfort?

With a topper, you can adapt your box spring bed even more individually to your personal wishes. The materials from which the topper is made are decisive for its properties: For particularly point-elastic lying, for example, we recommend a topper made of pencil latex, as in our comfort topper Mio. A padding with virgin wool, as in our comfort topper Maxi, offers excellent heat regulation. Our Mondo comfort topper also contains a latex pocket spring for a weightless sleeping experience.

Is the topper compulsory for the box spring bed?

Our boxspring beds already offer you unique sleeping comfort and optimum support properties thanks to the combination of spring core box and boxspring bed mattress. If you can do without the above-mentioned advantages, you will be able to lie comfortably and sleep well in a box spring bed even without a topper. However, we recommend that you try lying on a topper mattress at least once. Simply visit us in one of our showrooms. By the way, our box spring bed models can be combined with the different toppers in any way you like. Our expert advisors will be happy to help you put together the right bed.