Quality and guarantee

We pay special attention to quality and clean materials. That’s why our box spring beds, mattresses and toppers are handmade from high-quality European materials that guarantee a healthy sleeping environment and long life. A 10-year guarantee – no problem In the 2016 test at the German Consumer Association’s Stiftung Warentest, our Aurea bed was the test winner and was particularly praised for its durability. We believe that a bed should last for at least 10 years. For this reason, we give a 10-year durability guarantee on breaks in the suspension and frame.

Fennobed Boxspringbetten Matri Vuodevaatteet

Production and responsibility

We are convinced: the bed is the most important place in every home. That’s why we make beds that are carefree and safe to sleep in, and whose manufacture has the least possible impact on the environment. Every Matri bed is made in our own manufactory based on 35 years of craftsmanship and design tradition. This means that our customers can be sure that both the bedding and the production always meet the same high quality standards. We only use controlled and certified raw materials, as we are committed to protecting the environment and promoting the health and well-being of our customers. The basis for our sustainable bed production is our ISO 9001 certified quality management system and our ISO 14001 environmental management system (6). A good example of our striving for ever more sustainability is the Hilja box spring bed series we developed in 2017. The Hilja product line consists of natural raw materials and is completely tested and certified for freedom from harmful substances according to SGS TÜV Saar (7). Timeless and durable design is an essential part of sustainability. We believe that the result of successful design work is a product that remains long in use and visually timeless. All Matri products are designed in Finland and have been awarded the „Design from Finland“ label (8).

Fennobed Boxspringbetten ISO

6) ISO 9001 / 14001

Fennobed Boxspringbetten Hilja TüV

7) SGS TÜV Saar – free of harmful substances

Fennobed Design from Finland Logo

8) Design from Finland



We have set ourselves environmentally sound and sustainable development goals, which we constantly refresh Our modern production facility in Pärnu, Estonia, was completed in 2014. Already in the planning phase, special emphasis was placed on the energy efficiency of the building. The building is heated with wood pellets and lit with energy-efficient LED lamps. We currently cover 71% of our energy needs with our in-house solar park. The rest of our electricity needs are covered by green electricity. Our goal is to generate all of our electricity ourselves from renewable energy in the coming years. All wood, plastic and textile production residues are recycled. The goal for 2020 is to greatly reduce packaging material and replace it with reusable packaging. The majority of our Matri products are handmade in our own factory. We also work with reliable subcontractors and partners from Germany, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Portugal.

Fennobed Boxspringbetten Wood Pellets

Wood pellets

Our production is heated exclusively with renewable energy, more precisely with environmentally friendly wood pellets.

Fennobed Boxspringbetten Recycling


In production we recycle all leftover materials, be it packaging or textile scraps.

Fennobed Boxspringbetten Solar Power

Solar park

Since summer 2018, we have had our own solar park, which we use to generate our surplus electricity in the sunny months. Measured over the year, we produce 71% of our electricity needs ourselves.

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Our ingredients for your good sleep

High-quality materials are our innermost concern and the key to maximum comfort and long life. No component adhesives or other chemical substances are used in the manufacturing process – this is how we protect nature and ensure the health of our customers as well as our employees. In the Stiftung Warentest test, we won in the „Environment and Health“ series, among others (09/2014). We are proud of this because we are firmly convinced that poisons are not part of the most important furniture in the house! Check out the materials Matri beds are made of below.

Fennobed Boxspringbetten Material Latex und jute Latex

Latex and jute latex (1, 2)

Latex is a durable, highly flexible material that does not lose its shape. The latex used in horizontal surfaces and mattress toppers feels wonderfully soft. At the same time, it supports the body perfectly. Thanks to the perforations, the mattress is ventilated and regulates moisture. Latex is also a very hygienic and antibacterial material. The latex and jute latex we use meets both the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and the EuroLatex Eco Standard. Manufactured in the Netherlands using the Dunlop method, the latex is a blend of synthetic and natural rubber.

Fennobed Boxspringbetten Material Talalay Latex

Talalay latex (2, 4)

The manufacturing method of Talalay latex is much more complicated than that of ordinary latex and the result is unprecedented: a loose and airy, breathable, open-cell material that supports the body in an ideal way. We use Talalay latex in the Mio + mattress topper, giving the bed a luxurious surface feel. Talalay latex is also ideal for allergy sufferers as dust mites cannot attach to Talalay’s open structure. Talalay latex is Oeko-Tex certified and made in the Netherlands.

Fennobed Boxspringbetten Material Talalay Latex

Talalay natural latex (3, 4)

100% natural rubber processed using the patented Talalay process. This complex process creates a particularly open-pored cell structure with excellent climatic properties and unique pressure relief. We use Talalay natural latex in our Hilja beds and the Hilja topper. Our Talalay natural latex is particularly durable, offers natural mite protection and is therefore also particularly suitable for allergy sufferers. Our natural latex is certified by the Eco Institute, bears the Cradle to Cradle seal and is manufactured for us in the Netherlands.

Fennobed Boxspringbetten Material Taschenfederung

The pocket suspension (1)

Due to the barrel-shaped construction of the spring, the lower and upper parts bend well and the supporting force increases towards the centre of the spring. The pocket springing of the Matri beds ensures a comfortable and quiet sleeping experience regardless of the lying position. The pocket springs are made in Germany from hardened steel and have Oeko-Tex Standard certification.

Fennobed Qualität Material Softsurface

SoftSurface suspension (1)

A new type of SoftSurface surface springing improves the progressive elasticity of the mattress. It works like a shock absorber, bouncing gently and sensitively at the beginning, but as pressure on the centre of the spring increases, so does the support effect. Features of this spring include a responsive softness, support that adapts to the body, combined with excellent elasticity that relieves strain.

Fennobed Boxspringbetten Sprungfeder Bonnell

Bonnell springs (1)

The Bonnell suspension system is a durable and proven suspension system that provides robust support. Bonnell springs are used in the lower suspension of some Matri bed models. Their function is to support the pocket springs of the upper suspension and extend the range of the suspension so that the mattress can best conform to the lines of the body. The Bonnell innerspring we use is made in Germany and is Oeko-Tex certified.

Fennobed Boxspringbetten Material Nadelholz

Softwood (5)

The Matri beds and slatted frame are made of slowly grown heartwood from certified sustainable forests (FSC certification). The solid wood parts of the frame are not glued, they are fastened with screws or nails and plug-in joints. The result is a silent frame that is first class in terms of durability. The country of origin of the wood is Estonia.

Fennobed Boxspringbetten Material Stoffrollen

The outer fabric (1)

The Matri beds are quilted with polyester cotton fabric and the sleeping surfaces are quilted with flexible polyester fabric, which are washable. Both the mattress and the mattress cover are removable. The top of the mattress topper has a zip so that it can be divided into two parts and washed in the washing machine according to the washing instructions. The fabrics we use are made in Belgium and have Oeko-Tex Standard certification.

Fennobed Boxspringbetten Material Hilja Oberstoff

Outer fabric Hilja (1)

The products of the Hilja bed series are upholstered with quilted organic cotton and the sleeping surfaces with a flexible 100% organic cotton. The soft and flexible fabric is made of cotton yarn with GOTS and Oeko-Tex Standard certification. The organic cotton is grown without toxic pesticides and genetic engineering, and its environmental impact is lower than that of ordinary cotton. The covers of the Hilja mattress and mattress topper are removable and washable. We recommend using a mild, ecological detergent without bleach and low temperatures. The fabric is made in the Netherlands.

Fennobed Boxspringbetten Material Kaltschaum

Cold foam (1)

In Matri beds, we use foam only in the edge padding to support the structure of the mattress and bed. We only use high quality Oeko-Tex certified foam without toxic flame retardants.

Fennobed Boxspringbetten Material Naturkautschuk Kokosfasern

Coconut fibres and natural rubber (1)

The coconut fibre we use for the edge pads and surface support of Hilja beds is strong and flexible and an excellent dehumidifier. Coconut fibre resists high humidity without moulding – so it is an excellent material for mattress structures. The coir fibre we use is an industrial surplus product. Our coco pad is bound together using natural rubber. The material is Oeko-Tex Standard and QUL certified (German certification „Qualitätsverband Umweltträgliche Latexmatratzen“). Made in the Netherlands.

Fennobed Boxspringbetten Matri Wool

Wool (1)

The wool we use is pure new virgin sheep’s wool that is thermobonded to prevent matting. Our wool fleece also contains 5% silk and 5% cotton. The wool wicks away moisture and is a comfortable, naturally warm material. The wool layer in the Maxi-Comfort pad adapts to the body. Our wool fleece is made in Germany.

Fennobed Boxspringbetten Material Bezugstoffe grautöne

Cover fabrics (1)

We use high-quality, anti-static natural materials such as cotton and linen for the covers of the headboards and bed skirts. We recommend dry cleaning for these removable covers. Alaska and Caleido are sanforised (i.e. mechanically shrunk) and can be washed at low temperatures. However, washing in your own washing machine may cause wash streaks and minor shrinkage. Caleido, Alaska and Wooly are made in Italy. Our linen fabric Lino is pre-washed and made in Spain. All fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified.

The certificates

The raw materials for our bed production carry the following certificates.

Fennobed Boxpsringbetten Oeko-Tex

1) Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Fennobed Boxspringbetten Eurolatex

2) euroLATEX eco standard

Fennobed Boxspringbetten Eco Institut Tested Product

3) eco Institute

Fennobed Boxspringbetten Cradle to Cradle

4) Cradle to Cradle

Fennobed Boxspringbetten FSC

5) FSC