What are the advantages of the box spring bed?

Boxspring beds already differ from other beds at first glance – but what concrete advantages does this sleeping system offer in everyday life and, especially important, in the lying characteristics?

Sleeping comfort & support function

Many advantages of the box spring bed result from its construction: Spring core box, box spring bed mattress and comfort overlay provide unique lying comfort. With a combination of area-elastic and point-elastic springing and high-quality upholstery, the box spring bed offers excellent support properties. A further advantage: the individual elements can be flexibly adjusted to match the degree of hardness to your individual needs in the interplay between the spring core box and mattress. The extra height of the box spring bed also makes it easy to get in and out of bed.

Inviting appearance

One of the advantages of the box spring bed is its adaptable and striking appearance. Thanks to the fabric-covered spring box, the high mattresses, the headboard to lean against and the skirting in Scandinavian design, it is reminiscent of a comfortable reclining area that you can rearrange yourself at any time. This is also one reason why box spring beds are often used in the hotel industry.

Durable, stable & flexible

Boxspring beds are not only particularly comfortable due to their construction, but also stable and durable. If you choose a box spring bed from FENNOBED, you will benefit from further advantages: Since we manufacture our beds in our own factory from high-quality materials, you have the opportunity to express your own wishes. In addition, we give you a 10-year guarantee on breaks in the frame and suspension.

Hygiene & ventilation

The box spring bed also has excellent ventilation: the air from the inside of the spring mattress is automatically pressed outwards by the pressure exerted on the bed. Thanks to the raised position of the bed and the multiple layers of springs, an air exchange is created all by itself, which regulates humidity during the night and ensures a healthy sleeping climate. Additional hygiene is provided by a comfort pad, the cover of which can be cleaned separately. Do you have any further questions about box spring beds? Visit one of our showrooms and let us advise you in detail. Here you can also try out our beds and convince yourself of the many advantages.