Handmade box spring beds for the hotel industry

Project examples hotel and restaurant industry Whether in the pulsating life of big city metropolises or in retreats to relax in the countryside: handmade box spring beds from Fennobed’s own manufacture also ensure a special sleeping experience in the hotel and hospitality industry. Because whether it’s lively or cozy – restful sleep counts both here and there. We meet the special needs and requirements of hotel projects by using custom-made Matri beds, for example.

Pop art meets Scandinavian nonchalance

New Wave Hotel on Norderney The New Wave Hotel opened in 2019 on one of Germany’s most popular North Sea islands – Norderney. It was named one of the most beautiful new hotels by GEO magazine in no time, and not without reason. The design motto „Pop Art meets Scandinavian nonchalance“ was not only implemented in the hotel lobby, but also characterizes the 73 rooms, which invite guests to feel at home. At the heart of each room is a box-spring bed from Fennobed, whose fabric shade matches the color concept of the room. The Finnish beds thus play their part in the hotel’s great success. The managers of the New Waves chose the Continental Tyyni box spring bed. In doing so, they chose a model that is not from the hotel line, but from the private customer collection. The decisive factor for the extremely comfortable lying position here is the balanced interplay of an adaptable top and bottom springing. Thanks to the use of two pocket spring layers, which are connected with a latex-jute padding, the extraordinary sleeping experience is achieved. The box spring bed rests on a sturdy solid wood frame and a spruce slatted frame. The bed textiles are also convincing: bed skirts and headboard covers made of pure natural materials such as cotton and cotton-linen fabrics are used. For this purpose, each cover fabric was adapted to the respective color climate of the hotel room and manufactured especially for the New Wave Hotel. Sustainability and the art of manufacturing characterize Fennobed’s philosophy and each individual product. The owners of the New Wave share these values and were therefore always on the same wavelength with the Nordic box spring bed manufacturer. Naturally, Fennobed was able to effectively bring its high standards of quality, comfort, design and environmental friendliness to the New Wave. New Wave

Timeless design for the very special Guest community – FENNOBED and Lindley Lindenberg

TheLindley Lindenberg in Frankfurt’s Ostend was recently named one of the 25 coolest new hotels in the world by Forbes magazine. The deciding factor: the unique interior design made up of current designer pieces, high-end vintage pieces and some 500 works by contemporary artists. Each piece was handpicked by Frankfurt-based design studio Aberja. So were the hotel beds: All 100 guest rooms were equipped with box spring beds from the FENNOBED Pro hotel line – specially adapted to the Lindley Lindenberg. The accustomed FENNOBED quality fits perfectly into the concept of the Lindenberg guest community: for example, the Box spring bed Aurea by FENNOBED, the test winner of Stiftung Warentest, has a sleeping height of almost 60 centimeters. The double upper springing of soft-touch and barrel pocket springs with a Bonnell underspringing guarantees the ideal adjustment of weight, physiognomy and lying position. In addition to the comfort pad, mattress and underbed, there are the aesthetic elements: headboard, feet and the versatile interchangeable covers – theskirts – make the bed a changeable companion for life. This is part of the ecological philosophy of FENNOBED. For the use of the box spring beds in the Lindley, of course, nothing was changed in the sleep comfort and quality of the highest class. The removable covers of the hotel beds were tailored from a high-quality upholstery fabric from the well-known manufacturer Kvadrat. Instead of bed legs, FENNOBED has placed a base panel made of solid walnut – a durable and beautiful natural material. And that’s not all: bed linen, towels and bath mats alsocome from the FENNOBED range. In the case of the bed linen, Pantone color charts were used specifically, as known from graphic design and quality printing. Since theinitial feedback from guests has been overwhelmingly positive, the bedding and towelling will soon be available for purchase directly from the Lindley – and, of course, from the numerous FENNOBED showrooms throughout Europe. Lindley Lindenberg

Not just comfortable

Libertine Lindenberg Libertine Lindenberg in Frankfurt sees itself more as an offbeat guest community than simply a hotel. The 27 rooms invite guests to feel at home in a relaxed and homely atmosphere. They are lovingly designed and stubbornly furnished. Special attention was paid to a restful and healthy sleeping environment when furnishing the rooms. That is why the founders of Libertine and the box spring bed manufacturer Fennobed have worked hand in hand. The consulting expertise of the German-Finnish company went beyond the selection of beds. They also provided advice and support on textile design: from the choice of hotel bedding to accessories such as bedspreads and pillows. In the course of the cooperation, the company developed its own Libertine box spring bed made of solid and natural pine wood. It convinces with its custom-made headboard and accessibility. It joins the Fennobed Hotel Edition. The springing adapts precisely to the respective stature of the guest and supports them in the best possible way. Timeless, multi-faceted and individual beds were made for the Libertine rooms. LIBERTINE LINDENBERG

Shifting down a gear in Leogang: wellness and family vacation or simply both?

The Riederalm The 4-star Riederalm is a place to feel good for wellness fans and family vacationers. Handmade Matri beds invite you to coziness in the rooms. They are equipped with the models Domus and Aurea. Thus, in addition to the varied program during the day, a weightless sleep at night is guaranteed. The family-run hotel offers its guests a variety of entertainment options: for example, outdoor activities in the spacious outdoor area and spa enthusiasts can unwind in the Finnish sauna. The customer is not only king, but he should feel completely comfortable: This is the top priority for both Fennobed and the Riederalm. Because both are united by their love of detail. The Riederalm

A temporary home in the cosmopolitan city with heart

Gorky Apartments The combination of different styles and designs really comes to life in the Gorki Apartments in Berlin. No two rooms are alike. However, all of them are connected by the furnishing with beds from Fennobed. The modular principle of the German-Finnish box spring bed manufacturer makes Matri beds changeable and adaptable. This fits ideally with the design concept of the Gorki Apartments. That’s why interior designers and Fennobed cooperated closely in the capital. © Gorki Apartments Photographer: Giacomo Morelli Gorki Apartments

Restful sleeping oasis with a dreamlike view

Bridge 49 The cozy bed & breakfast „Brücke 49“ of Ruth Kramer and Thomas Schacht is situated in an idyllic location directly on the river of the small alpine village of Vals in Switzerland. The B&B was completely renovated and finally opened in 2011. The rooms are inspired by Scandinavian designs and offer a lot of comfort. The largest room in the house, for example, has its own stone oven. The two owners also care about the high quality and durability of the furniture. The special feature of the house is a combination of this lovely and high quality interior design with the original idea of a B&B. The MATRI boxspring beds by FENNOBED complement this concept ideally and invite you to linger while enjoying the magnificent view of the village and the surrounding mountains. For a relaxing short vacation with restful and healthy sleep. Bridge 49

Your own kingdom by the sea

Happiness in sight Baltic Sea lodges The powerful sound of the sea brings a smile to people’s faces, as does the gentle rustle of the treetops in the wind. If these two scenarios meet, happiness for nature lovers is perfect. The Glück in Sicht Baltic Sea lodges make use of this combination and thus invite their guests to relax and be happy in the midst of nature. Located in a wooded area directly on the natural beach, the total of 26 lodges in various sizes make every heart beat faster with their design and furnishings. Huge panoramic windows provide a feeling of freedom and allow you to experience the picturesque surroundings even within the lodges. With the Tejo box spring bed model from Fennobed, the naturalness also continues in the lodges. With the weightless sleeping experience, the Matri beds ensure that guests sink into the cozy springs and thus directly into a deep and restful sleep after an eventful day – to find their personal happiness again the next day. Happiness in sight Baltic Sea lodges

Simply arrive: stylish oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the big city

Cora Apartments Located in the middle of Leipzig’s listed Waldstraßenviertel district, the Cora Apartments welcome their guests in two magnificent Gründerzeit villas. The lovingly assembled furnishings of the furnished apartments range from cheeky and frivolous to small and cozy, and are always full of individual charm. The timeless Scandinavian MATRI box-spring beds by FENNOBED, which were specially designed for the Cora Apartments, also fit into the mix of contemporary designer pieces and selected unique vintage items. True to the hostess’s motto „Being on the road and still at home“, they offer dreamlike comfort just ten minutes from the lively center of Leipzig. Cora Apartments